Best4Pets Wild Salmon Oil is primarily derived from Oncorhynchus gorbuscha and a small portion coming from Oncorhynchus Nerka. It is a clear, reddish oil enriched with Astaxanthin of natural source. The oil is free from genetically modified material (Non GMO) and components.

Manufactured through mechanical procedures (cold pressing), the oil does not contain any of the potentially threatening substances from farmed salmon – pesticides, dioxin, heavy metals, antibiotics, coulouring agents etc, and it does not have added ingredients in order to reach the optimal concetration of active substances (it does not contain EE – ethyl esther) .

Unlike the salmon oil obtained from aquaculture, the Wild Salmon Oil Best4Pets can be administered all year long, without breaks. The Omega 3 fatty acids act in time, cumulatively.